A hot chick in lingerie is bent over and flogged on the butt with a cane

Sometimes, having a sexy butt isn’t just a target for people to look at; it can be made a target for abuse and torture. That’s at least the case here with her abusive mistress. She has her dress up in a sexy lingerie outfit, including thigh high stockings, all while keeping her round ass bare for her torture. She has a stinging cane that’s excellent for the job, while she’s bent over a bench. Every thwack of the cane brings forth a new scar on her ass, on its way to being all black and blue.

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A slavegirl gets burning wax on the boobs and mummified with plastic wrap on the table

Sometimes, the old fashioned methods just don’t cut it. Certainly, rope is a tried and true method of bondage in BDSM action, but there’s just something about wrapping film that not only makes it more arousing, but it’s easier to restrain the slave and cause damage, as you’ll see here. She wraps her completely up to her neck, except for her arms that are suspended above her head, and her breasts. That makes them perfect targets for tight clutches on her nipples, and drips of hot wax on the bare flesh.

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A gagged womans huge breasts are fastened and have burning wax poured on them

Those big tits that sit on this blonde hottie’s chest surely have gotten her into some fun situations in the past, but in the hands of her brunette mistress, they’re a target for nothing but misery. Because of how huge they are, it’s easy to bind them, with one knot tighter than the one before it. As soon as they begin turning a deep shade of red, she starts to affix clips to her nipples. Fortunately she’s got that ball gag in her mouth, otherwise she’d be screaming loudly!

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A babe takes clothes peg to the hands and clips on the teats as her snatch is whipped

If you are just getting into BDSM, let this video sequence be lesson number one in the fine art of woman torture. The blonde mistress has her girl slave exactly where she wants her, with her body exposed for her pleasure, and her hands fastened so she can’t protect herself against what’s to come. Clips are securely attached to her perky nipples, as her slit and inner thigh are being smacked with a crop. For the finishing touch, clothespins are attached to her underarms, adding even more suffering.

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A babe slit is spread with clips and then she takes a poking spur on the breasts

Surely this guy takes a lot of pride in his dungeon work. Watch as he inspects his next victim thoroughly, paying attention to her round tits and her nice pussy while she’s got her hands shackled above her. He initially fixes a pump to her slit and sucks it hard, producing a nice moan from her that’s muffled by her gag ball. Next, he attaches harsh clamps to her snatch lips, spreading them wide as she nearly pleads for mercy. She’s just going to have to take the abuse for now!

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A slave is chained to a bench and flogged all over her back and from behind

Doesn’t she look like she’s laying down for a good massage? She’s not next in line for a back rub or anything like that though. When her mistress stands behind her as she’s bent over and fastened, it’s because this babe’s about to be tormented and abused with a severe whipping. A cat o’ nine tails does the trick here, with her ample backside turned beat red, and even her back bearing the brunt of her mistresses’ precise slaps. She better hope that she’s on her best behavior!

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A red-haired chick is strapped to a table and flogged all over the ass by her mistress

This mistress wasn’t pleased with how well her slave girl took to the painful whipping she gave her while standing up, so she put her down on this platform of terror, and made certain to secure her hands down on it so she couldn’t wriggle around. This is indeed where the mistress loves to do her work, because her victim is sprawled out on a table, collared up, and with a gag ball in the mouth. That’s perfect, for who knows how loud she would be howling out with each whip and slap that’s laid across her ass!

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A mature babe takes wax on theboobs and gets her nipples pinched by cramps

This mature slut has been used and abused a ton in her life, so she supposed that it would be no big deal to be in the hands of a torture master and mistress. Well they indeed had plans to put it to her, as her hands were restrained with leather cuffs around her head to prevent her from flailing. Why would she flail? With the way they abuse her tits with burning hot wax after binding them extremely tight with unforgiving rope, let’s just say that it’s a good thing that she’s got a ball gag in her mouth.

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A babe takes clips on her teats and weights on the snatch by her aged wicked master

Tit torture is one skill that you should only leave to the masters to do it right. At least leave it to the BDSM master here, who has one grand plan after another of how to torture and abuse this big boobed babe’s tits. His whip is just to tease her nipples, because he’s got rubber straps to tie around her boobs and strangle them as he squeezes both of her teats. Then he gets his finest string out and ties it nice and tight around her tits, turning them as violet as he wishes them to be.

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